Inauguration of the Waste Control System developed by Ecocomputer

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The citizen card has a new service to its extensive portfolio. Not only serves to use public transport or enroll in municipal courses, now also allows to get rid of that old TV that has been years in the attic, resulting stubble cleaning the garden or a refrigerator that no longer works.

The Municipal Urban Environment Services of Gijón (Emulsa) yesterday presented its new computer system access control and storage of waste at collection points in the city, which has resulted in an expense of 44,000 euros in its investment plan and modernization. The main novelty of it is that necessarily identifies all individual users through their citizen cards, and professionals using special municipal company that will issue and deliver them directly to their offices.

This new system, and allows exercise stricter waste deposited at different points of the city clean control encourage recycling thereof. "Our intention is to be a common practice in the future, resulting in the environmental health of Gijón",said Councilman Employment and Economic Development and Emulsa president, Fernando Couto.

Until now, people who want to access any of the cleanest available to the municipal corporation in Gijon - Roces, Tremañes, Somió - La Calzada and not have to submit any credentials points. Just approaching the operator that was in the door, he communicated the type of waste that wanted to get rid of it and told them what container to go. Since yesterday, the procedure is different. " From now on, the user must log into the computer system by the corresponding card, enter what kind of material brings and the amount thereof. Then may enter the premises and deposit waste in appropriate containers, "explained the managing director of Emulsa, Pilar Vazquez, who also noted that those who do not have citizenship card can access the collection point three times by his driver identity and your vehicle registration". The professionals and businesses can be issued, at the offices of Emulsa a card for each of the vehicles to be access to the facilities," he added.

Prize for the most active

In order to further encourage recycling and the use of clean points, the company will also launch a biannual campaign awards recognize five citizens with more inputs and waste tanks at its facilities. Thus, the most active users will receive tickets to the Botanical Garden or Aquarium, plus gift cards and Gijón Gijón Tasty Sweet Tooth.

"The selection work is done in the clean points is very important, because if the separate collection of waste in the street becomes 14% of the whole, when we select what is in these clean points, we reach a figure of 22%", Vazquez said. The managing director added that each gijonés Emulsa recycled an average of 62 kilos of waste, but if you consider the material deposited on the clean points that can later be reused, the number rises to 100 kilos.

This new control system is working, since yesterday, on clean points Roces, Tremañes and La Calzada.

The citizen card is essential to use the "clean spots" of Emulsa

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In order to "encourage recycling" the Municipal Services Urban Environment (Emulsa) Gijon installed in three of the four "clean spots" access system consisting of individual identification of users through the card citizens of the City and, in the case of companies, through specific cards should ask in Emulsa.

Specifically, users will find entrances to clean points Roces, Tremañes and La Calzada (Somió in the system will be introduced later), with a touchscreen, which, once recognized the card to through a menu icon must specify the type and quantities of waste that are intended to place on the premises of " clean point ". Once completed this requirement, the barrier that blocks access to the site will open to allow the user to pass.

Emulsa invested 44,000 euros in this project, match your investment and modernization plan.

The opening of the new managing director contral system - took place yesterday morning in the " clean point" Roces, with the assistance of Councilman Fernando Couto Garciablanco, who is chairman of the board of Emulsa, and Pilar Vazquez of said municipal corporation.

The use of "clean spots" Emulsa is free for all residents.

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