In Ecocomputer SL we maintain a clear commitment to innovation, through which we intend to generate value within and outside the company.

For that purpose, we develop a continuous innovation strategy in transport and security industries, participating in national and European R&D projects, and aiming to achieve maximum competitiveness and international excellence.

In the framework of this commitment to innovation, Ecocomputer is a member of the Spanish Railways Technological Platform (PTFE), the Spanish Platform for Industrial Safety (PESI) and the Home and Building Automation and Smart Cities Platform (SmartLivingPlat).



R&D and Innovation Projects (in process):

ACTAIS CIMan (Critical Infrastructure Manager). Anti Intrusion System for Critical Infrastructure Safety.

ACTAIS CIMan project consists of the development of an anti intrusion system or platform, by using perimeter security elements (microwave barriers) and solid state radars, accompanied by additional mechanisms such as thermal CCTV.

Objectives of the project:

  • Development of a comprehensive platform of physical perimeter security that integrates microwave barriers and solid state radars. This platform will consist of modules ACTAIS CIMan BackOffice, FrontOffice and Mobile.
  • Research of disruptive technologies in the field of physical security in collaboration with the University of Oviedo.

Ecocomputer will fully develop a system that allows the unification of elements from different manufacturers, under the same communications protocol. For this purpose, the hardware will be use at a very low level and a layer of RTU elements (Remote Terminal Unit) will be incorporated, in order to avoid the global system to consider the specific protocols of each element.

In addition, Ecocomputer will investigate disruptive technologies that can be included as additional security mechanisms.

The final system will allow making the implementation of perimeter security to any strategic or critical installation. The open architecture will permit the inclusion of new systems of different technologies or different manufacturers.

With the development of ACTAIS CIMan, Ecocomputer will have a comprehensive platform for manage the security and access to any type of enclosure.

Directive 2008/114/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 December 2008, and the Law 8/2011 of April 28, and the Royal Decree 704/2011 of 20 May, of the Government of Spain which approves the regulation for the protection of critical infrastructure, implement targeted mechanisms that must be established for the security of strategic and critical infrastructures, both from a physical and logical point of view.

As part of the strategy that requires such legislation, the Government has set up the National Commission for the Protection of the Critical Infrastructure, and has founded the National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (CNPIC).

However, its actual application to critical infrastructure has been very scarce as a result of the socio-economic conditions of the country. Now, the Government is developing strategic plans for the finance and energy industries.

The indicated above legislation requires the use, by operators of the critical infrastructure, a unified management system for the control and surveillance elements.

Proyecto funded by:

European Regional Development Fund

IDEPA. Economic Development Institute of the Principality of Asturias