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Our firm has major know-how of the transport sector, and particularly rail transportation, as a consequence of all the software solution services and developments that have been introduced for the transport sector since 1999.


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About RailMan

A tool that enables railway operators to manage and publish all information concerning the services they offer. It provides a range of tools for data management, data export into different formats where they can be displayed or checked, in addition to being able to plan and allocate existing resources, and adapt them to the services supplied

RailMan Core

This is the system core, as it allows definition of existing transport services and easy and convenient editing.

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RailMan Booking

Tourist Train Booking Systems

Powerful software for management of bookings and seat sales on a railway operator’s tourist trains.

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RailMan Info Station

Passenger Interaction Systems

This is the software solution available on stand-alone interactive information screens or posts. They are normally used to provide information on the available balance of a train ticket or to enable the user to check the timetable of a specific transport service.

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RailMan DSS (Digital Signalling Systems)

Passenger Information Systems

A set of hardware and software elements that provide the passenger with relevant information concerning the transport service and other circumstances.

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RailMan Ticketing

Ticketing Systems

In 2003, Ecocomputer developed the app for ticket sales at the Renfe RAM ticketing window.

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RailMan Planner

Planning Services and Allocating Resources

When connected to a repository of services and materials, it enables visual and efficient management of material and human resources assignable to existing transport services.

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RailMan Locator

Vehicle locator

This module of the RailMan system enables GPS tracking of the train's position through 3G or GPRS transmission.

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Supply of Aviation Fuels

A comprehensive system for acceptance, management and loading of aviation fuels at airport facilities.

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365x24 support service

Our experience. Below we provide details on some of the most relevant services that substantiate our experience in the railway sector.

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